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SwedePro—Outfitting for Safety since 1985

Founded in 1985, the SwedePro brand was established by Swedish entrepreneurs Soren Eriksson and Gabriel Brånby, to meet the growing need for chainsaw protective clothing in the United States. Production started with chainsaw protective pants and chaps in order to provide the best protection for professional loggers. Over time, as safety training programs like “The Game of Logging” became more widespread, there was a shift towards a greater emphasis on safety throughout the broader industry.

SwedePro executives collaborated with industry experts to develop the ASTM standards for chainsaw protection in the US. Today it is clear that safety is important not just for the professional logger, but for every homeowner, farmer, and occasional chainsaw user. At SwedePro, we are passionate about manufacturing our safety apparel right here in the US so that all chainsaw users can have access to life-saving protection.

Man wearing chainsaw protective chaps cutting up a tree

Quality is our priority, so cutting can be yours

close up of the tops of orange, hi-vis yellow, and navy chaps stacked on top of one another

As a part of the Grand Forest, Inc. family of products, all SwedePro chainsaw protective garments are designed, developed, and manufactured in South Carolina. With a relentless commitment to quality, we’ve crafted our new chainsaw protective chaps to be the ultimate in durability and safety.

We understand that in your line of work, precision and focus are your primary concerns. That’s why our team is dedicated to creating products where quality is not just a promise but a priority. Each stitch, every material selected, and every design element is meticulously chosen to provide you with unparalleled confidence in the field. Carry out your tasks with confidence, knowing you’re backed by a brand that values your safety above all else.

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